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Moving To Tallahassee: The Pros & Cons Of Living In Florida’s Capital

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Ever wondered about The pros and cons of moving to Tallahassee Florida

The allure of the Sunshine State’s capital is hard to resist. It’s like an enchanting southern belle at a gala, boasting her lush greenery dress, a rich cultural necklace sparkling with artsy gems from Railroad Square Art Park and her radiant charm fueled by diverse demographics.

But just as every rose has its thorns, this belle has some hidden secrets too. Like any city on the map, she has some challenges tucked under that beautiful exterior – limited public transportation might make you pause or crime rates could cause concern.

A move can feel like standing on life’s diving board: exhilarating yet scary! 

But don’t fret – we’re here for that deep dive into all things Tallahassee FL together!

The Affordability of Living in Tallahassee

When it comes to affordability, Tallahassee offers a great deal.

Tallahassee’s cost of living is 4% lower than both the state and national averages, making it a great value for your money. This means your dollar goes further in this charming city!

But before you pack your bags and hire a Tallahassee moving company, let’s take a deeper look at the economic outlook for the Tallahassee region.

Real Estate Market Trends

Tallahassee’s real estate market gives residents value for their money. 

The median sale price for homes stands at $250,000, which is quite affordable compared to many other cities across America. 

Renting also won’t break the bank with an average rent for a two-bedroom apartment standing at just $1,197.

If you’re considering moving to Florida’s capital city but aren’t sure about housing prices or rental costs yet, these numbers should put your mind at ease.

So if you’ve been asking yourself whether or not Tallahassee is a good place financially speaking – the answer is yes. You’ll find that life here suits your pocketbook just as well as it suits your lifestyle.

Employment Opportunities and Economic Health

The answer to the query “Is Tallahassee a great spot for job seekers?” is definitely yes. The city’s thriving economy offers an abundance of opportunities across various sectors. The unemployment rate in Tallahassee is notably lower than the national average, standing at 5.1% compared to 6.0%.

But what makes this city truly stand out is its growing job market. Numerous major employers contribute to this economic health and provide jobs to many residents. Tallahassee also does a great job of supporting local businesses and encourages companies to move their offices to the area.

The strength of any region’s economy can be measured by its ability to create sustainable employment opportunities for its citizens – that’s exactly where Tallahassee shines. It doesn’t just offer jobs; it gives people careers they can grow into.

To conclude: whether you’re seeking your first job or looking for career advancement – consider giving Tallahassee FL a shot.

The Impact of State Government On Living in Tallahassee

As the state capital, Tallahassee is home to a myriad of government offices and agencies. This unique aspect has both positive and negative implications for those considering making this vibrant city their new home.

Tallahassee’s status as the hub of Florida’s state government provides numerous job opportunities. These range from administrative roles to high-level positions within various departments such as education, health services, transportation, among others. 

For those interested in public service or politics, living here offers an unmatched proximity to the action. You can check out MyFlorida.com for current openings.

In addition to career prospects, being at the heart of political activity allows residents greater access to lawmakers and civic engagement opportunities. Local events often feature influential speakers from across the country offering insights into national issues right on your doorstep.

The Impact of Universities on Living In Tallahassee

One of the most significant aspects that make living in Tallahassee, Florida an attractive proposition is its vibrant academic community. Being home to two major universities – Florida State University (FSU) and Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU), this city boasts a rich intellectual environment.

A Dynamic College Town Atmosphere

Tallahassee exudes a unique college town vibe that’s hard to match. The presence of FSU and FAMU brings youthful energy, cultural diversity, and economic stability into the mix. Students from all over the world come here for quality education, adding international flair to local culture while contributing positively towards population growth.

Economic Opportunities Stemming From Universities

Beyond just academics, these universities are also massive employers offering plenty of job opportunities not only within their campuses but also indirectly through various businesses they support such as restaurants, shops or moving services like Myrick Moving.

According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), education is one among top employing industries in Tallahassee making it economically appealing for prospective residents.

Cultural Enrichment Through Campus Events

The influence extends beyond economics; campus events at both FSU and FAMU significantly contribute towards enriching local arts scene with concerts, art exhibitions or theater performances open to public throughout year-round creating a culturally stimulating environment for residents.

Sports Entertainment With Collegiate Athletics

No discussion about university life would be complete without mentioning collegiate athletics. Tallahassee residents get to enjoy high-level sports entertainment, with both universities boasting strong athletic programs. 

Whether it’s the thrill of an FSU football game or a FAMU basketball match, these events bring together community fostering city-wide camaraderie.

Outdoor Recreation and Climate

Tallahassee, with its favorable climate, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. It boasts an impressive 233 sunny days per year, surpassing the national average of 205.

This ample sunshine and lets residents enjoy parks like Cascades Park, Maclay Gardens, and Elinor Kapp-Phipps Park to their fullest.

Impact of Weather on Outdoor Activities

Tallahassee also holds rank as one of the rainiest cities in the US, which could pose some challenges for outdoor activities.

The city’s high annual precipitation can turn into humid summers that might make certain outdoor adventures less comfortable. But even this moisture-rich environment has its silver lining – it nourishes lush greenery throughout the city.

While tropical storms are part of life here due to Florida’s location in Hurricane Alley, these weather events often lead to vibrant rainbow displays afterwards – a natural beauty exclusive to areas like this.

Natural Disasters Risks in Tallahassee

Among the threats are tropical storms and hurricanes that occasionally sweep across Florida. Over its history, Tallahassee has endured 11 tropical storms and six full-blown hurricanes. The city also sees high rainfall levels leading to frequent floods; an astounding total of 67 have been recorded.

However, don’t let this dampen your spirits about moving here. Precautionary measures can significantly mitigate these risks. 

The City of Tallahassee official website provides comprehensive information on disaster preparedness—everything from evacuation routes to storm-proofing homes.

Performing Arts in Tallahassee

If you’re considering a move to Tallahassee, Florida, one of the city’s most vibrant and engaging attractions is its thriving performing arts scene. From live music performances to theater productions and literary events, there are plenty of opportunities for cultural enrichment.

Exploring the Arts & Music Scene

The city’s vibrant music scene is one of its most appealing attributes for culture lovers. Local bands to international acts find their audience here in live music venues scattered across town.

Railroad Square Art Park stands as a testament to the thriving arts and music community in this southern charm city. Check out their event calendar here.

Tallahassee also hosts many concerts at The Adderly Amphitheater at Cascades Park, including a free summer concert series. 

Opening Nights at FSU

The Opening Nights at Florida State University (FSU) series is a highlight on the local arts calendar. 

This dynamic event showcases both established and emerging artists across various disciplines including music, dance, theatre, visual arts and more. 

The series aims not only to entertain but also educate audiences by providing them with an understanding of different art forms through workshops and masterclasses led by visiting artists.

The Word Of South Festival

Another standout event on the Tallahassee cultural landscape is the annual Word Of South Festival

A unique blend of literature and music that takes place every spring in Cascades Park – this festival features authors who write about music or musicians who also happen to be authors! It’s truly a unique celebration where words meet melody creating an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Transportation & Traffic Challenges in Tallahassee

Navigating Tallahassee can be challenging. One might assume that Florida’s capital would have robust public transportation, but it falls short.

The Transit score for Tallahassee, which measures how well a location is served by public transit, isn’t as high as you’d hope. This lack of comprehensive public transport means many residents rely heavily on cars to get around town.

In addition to limited local mobility options, traveling out of state from this part of the Sunshine State can also present challenges. As anyone who has tried to book a flight out of Tallahassee’s airport knows all too well, there are limited flight options available due to its size and service capacity constraints compared with larger metropolitan areas.

This often results in more expensive fares or needing extra layovers when heading out on vacation or business trips. The combination of these factors makes commuting both within and beyond the city limits less convenient than some might prefer.

Naturally though, every place has its trade-offs; while transportation may be one area where improvement could make life easier for residents here – we should not overlook what makes living in this charming Southern city worth considering.

Crime Rates and Safety Measures

When looking into relocating to Tallahassee, it’s essential to get a handle on crime rates relative to the national standard. It’s a fact that Tallahassee has a poverty rate of 27.1%, which is higher than both the state’s average (15.5%) and the nation as a whole (13.4%). These statistics might raise questions about safety.

The good news is, Tallahassee has several initiatives underway designed to lower crime rates and create safer neighborhoods for its residents. These efforts focus on areas where crime tends to be more prevalent, aiming not only at enforcement but also prevention through community involvement.

Tallahassee encourages residents’ participation in neighborhood watch programs which have been proven effective across the country for reducing property crimes like burglary and thefts from vehicles.

Law enforcement agencies disseminate personal safety tips via various channels such as social media, radio stations, and television broadcasts to educate people on how to protect themselves.

In addition to these preventative measures taken by city authorities, there are numerous private security companies offering services such as home alarm systems, surveillance cameras, guard patrols, etc., adding an extra layer of protection for those who feel they need it.


Is Tallahassee a good place to move to?

Tallahassee can be great if you value affordable living, rich culture, and outdoor activities. But keep in mind the city’s high humidity and crime rates.

What do I need to know before moving to Tallahassee Florida?

You should know about its cost of living, job market, education system, weather conditions and potential for natural disasters like hurricanes.

What is the racial breakdown of Tallahassee Florida?

The demographics are 56.23% White citizens, 35.02% African American citizens, and 4.55% Asian citizens among others.

What is a good salary in Tallahassee FL?

A decent salary depends on your lifestyle but considering local costs; $50k annually might let you live comfortably.


Considering the advantages and disadvantages of relocating to Tallahassee, Florida can be a complex process. If you’re planning a move to the area you’ve discovered that it’s not just about sunshine and southern charm. The city offers affordable housing prices, a diverse population, rich cultural experiences and outdoor activities galore.

But remember those thorns we talked about? Limited public transportation could put a damper on your plans. Crime rates might give you pause for thought too.

Don’t forget about job opportunities – they’re growing here! And if education is high on your list, Tallahassee has some solid options from charter schools to universities.

Life in this belle of the South comes with its own unique mix of benefits and challenges. Your move to Tallahassee will indeed be an adventure!